...between one musician and another


Why work with me?

Me, in a nutsell...

I know just how closely music is linked to a sense of identity for musicians.

I understand what it’s like to have an inner critic that keeps you playing small. 

I know what it’s like to feel like you're not a 'good enough' musician. 

I know what it’s like to feel that you’re never fulfilling your potential.

I know how it feels to be stuck in a negative feedback loop.

I know what it's like when you feel as if you both love and hate music in equal measure.

I understand how other life concerns can impact on your playing and can distract you,  removing your focus. 

I know how performance related injury can impact upon mental wellbeing and your subsequent career.

I know how it feels to have stage fright. 

I know how it feels to believe that you “can’t do it”. 

I know how easy it is to place limits on yourself and create reasons “why not”.


Use my unique combination of experience and qualifications to help you...

To smash through your self-imposed glass ceiling. 

To find solutions when injury threatens.

To enjoy music again.

To develop resiliency.

To manage the highs and lows of the emotional rollercoaster when it feels like it's out of control.

To find improved focus on performance.

To ‘free up’ your performance by reframing your other concerns.

To have greater self-belief by understanding and deconstructing previous limiting beliefs.

To avoid being triggered by others’ opinions or compare yourself to other people.


I tailor my approach to suit each musician that I work with, on the issues above and many more.

How can I have mental health issues?

You can be at the top of your game,

you can have it all,

you can have the career you've always dreamed of...

and still hit the wall.

You're only human.


However, we can safeguard our mental health like we do our physical health.

So...what exactly is coaching?

Put quite simply, coaching is the process that enables a client to reach his/ her potential and/ or goal, both professionally and/or personally.

It's the creation of a roadmap to get from A to B.  Even if B remains elusive, unclear and uncertain whilst the client is stood at A.

It's a continually collaborative process where the client is empowered to clarify goals and motivation, to identify limiting beliefs before moving on from them and to achieve that which they set out to do.

The client sets the agenda for the coaching sessions and the coach acts as facilitator.

How I work

Coaching is based on conversations.

There's no analyst's couch and I don't wear a white coat.

The music industry is such that even though you're involved in making sound, you don't always feel heard.  I actively listen to what you're telling me.

I ask questions that enable you to reflect upon your situation.  I may occasionally offer insights and reflect back to you things that occur to me during our conversations, but I won't offer any advice or my opinion.  This is because what may be right for me, probably wouldn't be right for you.

You know your situation better than I do and you are much more likely to follow through with your own solutions rather than mine.  My job is to facilitate your realisations so that you can come to the conclusions and solutions that are right for you.

I offer bespoke programmes of either 3, 6 or 12 sessions, where sessions are held every 2 weeks.

Coaching sessions can either be held online via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or in person.  Each session will be 60 mins. 

Each musician is an individual, so I tailor the content to suit each client.

Think of working with me as an investment beyond the notes, the tone and the technicalities.


It’s an investment in YOU -
the musician AND the mindset.



Which one's right for you?

Would you expect your flute to be serviced by a plumber?
Or a flautist to service your boiler?

No???  Why not?  They both work with metal pipes.

While what they work with may hold similarities, how they work is entirely different.
Hence, you wouldn't go to see a mentor, when what you really need is a coach.

While there can be some crossover within each modality,
here's a breakdown of what they each offer.


Conversation based, although past focussed

Processing past events and/or emotions



Conversation based and client led - you decide where you want the session to go

Future focussed - although can deal with limiting beliefs that originated in the past

Solution focussed - helping the client to move forward

Non-advisory - you're the author of your life


Advisory style

Mentor/ teacher led

Advice given by someone considered 'more experienced'


What I can offer

Unconditional positive regard


A safe space to feel heard



What I can't (or won't) offer

Advice or opinion

Doing the work for you - only you can do that

Guaranteed results (see above)

Counselling or therapy - I'm not a qualified counsellor, so if I feel that counselling would be more beneficial at this time, I will gladly assist in making a referral

Who I work with

Musicians who are:

Open and honest - resistance to old behaviours and thought patterns may arise.  Coaching can be challenging, but it's a safe space to explore and express

Curious and who are willing to explore possibilities

Motivated for change

Prepared to take action

And... what's Sound Healing?

I'm sure you've heard of Music Therapy.

Well... Sound Healing's different!

I like to think of it as being more like a sonic massage. 

Why do people get a massage?  To relax, unwind and release tension.  This can also be achieved through the use of specific vibrational frequencies of the instruments used during sound healing.

It's a passive process for the recipient. You can either be lying down, sat down or even stood up.  You absorb the sonic soundscape that the artist creates.

You could even liken it to an acoustic version of Reiki.

Sound healing can be an excellent release for emotions too.

When used in combination with coaching, sound healing can assist in being powerful vehicle for transformation.

I only hold sound healing sessions in person, which last for 60 mins.


Great. What's next?

Before I take on and work with a new 1:1 client, I always like to offer a complimentary Composed Clarity session.

This is to see if there's a great fit between where you want to go and how I can get you there.

Because I don't settle for an average fit or mediocre match!


What people are saying...

"I feel very fortunate to have experienced a couple of sound healings from Claire.
I have attended a number of group sound baths (so appreciate the value of sound healing within a group), but receiving sound healing from Claire on a one to one basis took my experience of sound healing to a whole new level. [...]
I would highly recommend Claire's sound healing sessions, due to the reasons I have mentioned. Her connection is the difference that makes the difference. Thank you. "

Jo Dance

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