Why "Composed Musician"?


One of my favourite phrases as a student was “I can’t…”, but no-one ever helped me to see how I could turn that into “I can”.

I would take negative feedback to heart, even when it was meant constructively.  I couldn’t tell the difference.

A growth mindset and resilience don’t come naturally to everyone.  They certainly didn’t to me.  A growth mindset wasn’t even talked about when I was at school.

Sometimes life can get difficult.  As the saying goes, "Wherever you go, there you are", meaning that we occasionally find we end up taking our personal problems to work with us.  Does that have an impact upon our performances?  Of course it does!

As musicians, we’re encouraged to pour our emotions into our music, as a way of enhancing our performances and expressing our emotion fully.  I don’t know about you, but I could pour my heart into a piece I was playing, but it wouldn’t help me understand my current situation or dilemma any more clearly.

As a musician, I've heard "You just get paid to do your hobby".  While, yes, we're lucky enough to do work we love, it's also true that we're only human and we're not immune to feelings of anxiety and depression.

While performing and composing can be cathartic and therapeutic both in and of themselves, sometimes we need additional guidance to navigate the challenges of both life and art.    

My performance and teaching experience have taught me that not enough emphasis is placed on helping musicians, at any stage of their career, to deal with nerves, with feelings of inadequacy, with lack of self-belief, lack of confidence, dealing with negative feedback and dealing with rejection. 

My purpose at Composed Musician is to combine my skills and experience to help redress that balance.


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