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Claire Husselbee is an international Music Performance Mindset Coach and Sound Healer, helping music professionals and students of all ages to confidently take centre stage in their journey of growing and performing as an artist.

With over 30 years experience as a classically trained muscian, professional international performer and music teacher, Claire understands first-hand the challenges faced by musicians studying and pursuing a career in music performance.

Identified as musically gifted at a very young age, Claire went on to become an accomplished musician on piano, flute, saxophone and clarinet, performing around the world - but those years of study, training and rehearshal also taught Claire about the daily challenges even the most gifted and passionate musicians can face.

Claire specialises in helping professionals and students overcome nerves and performance anxiety, lack of confidence and self-belief, feelings of inadequacy, and dealing with negative feedback and rejection.

Claire powerfully combines her training as a qualified Transformation Coach, specialising in confidence, learning and performance mindset, with her experience as a musician, music teacher and sound healer, to help musicians excel in their instrument(s) of choice with passion, confidence and ease.

Claire is fully qualified as both a coach and teacher, having trained with one of the UK’s leading coaching schools in London – Animas – gaining her Diploma in Transformational Coaching.  This training is fully accredited and recognised by The International Coach Federation, The Institute of Leadership Management and The Complimentary Therapists Association. 

She has also had the privilege of training in the art of sound healing by world renowned sound healers Cherub and Tim Wheater.

She has recently commenced her studies for the Masters in Performance Science, specialising in Music Psychology, with the Royal College of Music.  She is excited to further enhance her knowledge of, and experience in, Performance Psychology, as well as the mental health and wellbeing of musicians, both student and professional.


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