How Will You Know When You’re Ready?

Aug 25, 2019

Photo credit unsplash-logoPablo Heimplatz

Have you ever found out you’d done something, only after the event itself? 

I don’t mean some kind of short-term amnesia (alcohol-related or otherwise), or not being fully present or in the moment. 

I’m talking in terms of achievement.

I mean, have you ever been beavering away at something, taking it all one small step at a time, building up to this big moment when you can think “Yes!  This is it!” and then wait for the wave of achievement to roll over you as you cross the finish line?

Well, I was waiting for just that in launching this website.  But that's not quite how it happened.

I guess it’s like walking up a hill.  A really big, very steep hill. 

Standing at the bottom of it, looking up at the challenge ahead, it would be tempting to say “Do you know what?  Forget it.  I’d rather go home”.  And a lot of people would do just that. ...

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What is Performance Mindset Coaching?

Aug 09, 2019

Photo credit   unsplash-logoHello I'm Nik


You know how it is, you meet new people and the question “What do you do?” gets asked. 

Now I could answer that in a number of ways, “I read A LOT!”; “I walk in the park”; “I like to daydream”…

Yet I know that what they’re really asking me is “What do you do for a living?”  On answering “I’m a Music Performance Mindset Coach”, I’m usually met with slight hesitation, then “Wow!  That sounds really interesting.  So…what is it you do, exactly?”

Understandable really, I guess.  It’s not exactly an 'off the shelf' job title.

So…I thought I’d go into a little more detail about HOW I work.


Picture this…

A beautiful concert hall.  A full house, all tickets sold out.  A prestigious orchestra, all dressed in their formal finest.  A virtuoso...

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