Develop the mindset of a maestro


Get unshakeable confidence centre stage



So many musicians struggle with performance anxiety, feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence.


Does your confidence level soar in the practice room, only to plummet on stage?

It doesn’t have to be that way.


Work with me to build a powerful mindset that silences your inner critic, builds confidence and resilience, and maximises your creative potential, so that you can take centre stage again.


Because staying back stage isn’t an option.

I help support...

Individual Musicians

1:1 private coaching sessions

1:1 private sound healing sessions

Single sessions &

Longer term packages available

Schools & Conservatoires

Group coaching and workshops for music students

Sound healing sessions for small groups

1:1 private coaching and sound healing available

If you believe that you’re not fulfilling your musical and

creative potential due to performance anxiety,

or just not feeling ‘good enough’…

Get in touch.

(I promise you’ll get a much better return on investment

than if you simply found yet another teacher.)



Through coaching, I help you improve your confidence, develop resilience and heighten your creative potential, so that you can perform at your best.  Every time.

To do this we can:

Learn to understand what your inner critic is REALLY trying to say.

Establish what ‘the zone’ is for you.

Uncover and unpick any beliefs that are holding you back.

Over two thirds of musicians have experienced panic attacks, high levels of anxiety and depression

(Music Minds Matter, 2016)

We’re all becoming more aware of how important it is to look after our mental health, as well as our physical health. 

However, there’s the feeling that as musicians, we do work we love, therefore we couldn’t possibly suffer with anxiety or depression, right? 


Musicians are no less susceptible to feelings of anxiety and depression than any other group in society.

Finding that work life balance can be tricky.

I’m a musician.  I understand the pressures and complexities of the industry.

I'm a sound healer.  I'm able to combine my scientific knowledge of vibrational frequencies with my ability to paint a sonic soundscape, in order to promote a state of relaxation and calm with my clients.

I’m also a coach. 

Use the gift of my combined experience to help support you and move you forward.






Work with me to...

  • find ‘the zone’ and stay in it when it matters.
  • work with your inner critic, not against it.
  • reduce performance anxiety.
  • develop a sense of deep relaxation and serenity.
  • improve your confidence.
  • develop your creativity.

What people are saying...

"Claire is a wonderful coach.
I was put in touch with her at at a time during which I was feeling very anxious about an upcoming performance [...]

During the sessions, she helped me make sense of my scattered feelings towards performing and join the dots between many feelings, forgotten events or moments that had been long buried and all seemed to somehow lead to this anxiety that I was experiencing. I came away feeling as though my anxiety had transformed to excitement and my heart was calm.

Claire is a supportive and gentle coach, she listens with intent, asks the right questions and guides from a place of knowing as she too, is a performer. I felt safe to share with Claire and had some big and very unexpected realisations during my sessions with her. Needless to say, I pulled off the performance, using the courage and strength that I found within me, largely due to the encouragement and support I had received through my sessions with Claire. "

Jessie Fuller


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